Kitchen Wall Shelving

Adding On Wall Shelves and Storage In Your Kitchen

Do you need visible storage space in your kitchen that is both accessible and easy to install? With beautiful Kitchen Wall Shelving you will get exactly that. Organize your kitchen with this stunning low-profile Kitchen Wall Shelving which combines ventilated shelves made of steel with adjustable hooks for easy reach of your kitchen utensils.

To install the Kitchen Wall Shelving your kitchen wall must be at least 73" wide and 8' high. Custom space combinations are available at no extra charge if your kitchen size is different than the standard Kitchen Wall criteria.

Complete and easy to set up instructions come with the necessary wood, drywall and masonry mounting hardware. Add brilliance and organization to your kitchen walls with the stylish Kitchen Wall Shelving system.

There’s no easier way to add accessible storage to a room than with wall-mounted shelving made from metal standards, adjustable brackets and ready-made shelves.

This type of easy-to-install shelving system is ideal for a kid’s room, home office, laundry room, walk-in closet, pantry or virtually any room in the house, with one notable exception: If you need shelves in a formal den, dining room or wood-paneled library, it’s best to hire a trim carpenter to custom-build a shelving unit to match the architectural style of the room.

In this guest bedroom, we installed a pair of 25-inch-long twin-track standards, six 9-inch-long adjustable shelf brackets and three 10-inch-wide x 36-inch-long dark-oak melamine shelves. The wood-grain melamine, which is similar to plastic laminate, is bonded to a 5/8-inch-thick particleboard core.

Kitchen Shelves

When The Shelves You Have Just Aren't Enough Space

You can double the size of your kitchen, and triple the amount of shelves you have, it still won't be enough. Kitchen shelves fill up, and there is no such thing as spare space in a kitchen. That's just the way it is.

A lot of kitchens that we've seen, even the larger ones, tend to have a lot of enclosed cabinetry, and not enough open shelf space. There might be enough shelves for the dishes, but what about kitchen bookshelves for your cookbooks? Not only do you need space for books, but also for microwaves,vases, displays, radios, wine bottles, and a whole lot more. This plus decorations is what turns a kitchen into a warm, friendly room that invites you and your family to spend more time in it.

Even people who don't cook a lot tend to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, and it often becomes a warm, social area for interaction. In our home guests feel as comfortable in the kitchen as they do in our living room. By having open shelving strategically placed around the kitchen, we are able to display a nice collection of interesting bottles, all of our cookbooks, a few vases, and even some of our kid's art projects.

If you lack open kitchen shelf space, consider adding on either extra wall-mounted shelves, or choose from a wide variety of shelves and units that are designed specifically for the kitchen. These units come in a variety of designs, some with lots of open shelf space, some with drawers, and even some on wheels. They make handsome additions to any kitchen, and provide you with lots of extra space for holding books, artwork and more. Kitchen carts, buffets, sideboards, microwave stands and bakers racks are all designed to fit into available space in the kitchen, and provide you with additional surfaces for preparation, shelves for presentation and also drawers and baskets for storage purposes.

Kitchen Shelving Options

In order to help you find out more about what's available for your kitchen, we've broken down the various options available to you into the following categories:

Kitchen Wall Shelving

Take a look here for information on adding wall-mounted shelves to your kitchen or pantry.

Kitchen Buffets, Carts, Bakers Racks, Sideboards and More

Find out all about the wide variety of stand-alone units designed for your kitchen that will enhance your kitchen while providing you with valuable shelf and storage space.

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